Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I love snow days!!

A look into what my snow day looked like today! Get another one tomorrow!

New bedroom side table arrangement with my new side table!

Our breakfast this morning on day one while being snowed in!

little bit of sweet, little bit of salty

These monte cristo's were so good last night that we had them again tonight! I found the recipe at Joy's Hope (here)!

We of course ate them with a side of red raspberry preserves...so yummy!

Here's the new dresser before! This piece only cost me 7.49 from a thrift store!

After! This color is called Poolside! I'm thinking about either getting new hardware or spray painting them black.

Fun and Easy Craft! Wooden Tray

Painted the wood

Then added chalkboard paint(my new favorite thing)!

A cute little sign!


  1. Hi,

    I stumbled upon your blog and think you have done some great things. I live in OKC--what a coincidence! I am looking for some good thrift stores close by. Where do you like to go?

  2. @Misty-I'm orginally from OKC and quite often frequent the thrift stores over there! some of my favorites are Best Thrift on Macarthur and reno, Unique thrift on meridian and 23rd st, Goodwill on 50th and Macarthur, Heart and Hand thrift on Council and 23rd st, and there is one on 23rd and Macarthur and the name is escaping me right now. There are also two places I love to go to for inspiration: The RINK gallery on 30th and Rockwell and The Feathered Nest on 63rd and Macarthur. If you haven't checked thoe places out then that is a MUST! Have a great day!