Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I Heart Mod Podge!

So I finally made an effort to go out to the store and purchase some Mod Podge. I had a few projects that have been put to side because I did not have any, but now I do, and I LOVE it! I've been wanting to make some coasters for quite some time and found this really easy tutorial here at Two Girls...Being Crafty. It uses ceramic tiles, mod podge, and some felt. I used some cute critter scrapbook paper but you could definitely use photos, sheet music, book pages, old cards, etc... What an easy, cute, and inexpensive project to make to give as a gift or for yourself! I'm sure I will be making many more, experimenting with different kinds of paper materials.

I found this cute little side table for only 4 dollars at a thrift store the other day. I've been keeping my eye out for a smaller one for Josh to use as a side table on his side of the bed. I could not pass this bargain up! After I had painted it my favorite off white, I decided to try something a little different. I decided to Mod Podge sheet music to the top of it. Since it was my first time mod podging, I was a little nervous at how it was going to turn out. But once I had finished staining it, I think it came out great! This has been my smallest furniture refinish to date, but yet the most unique one! I'm very proud of this project!



Anyone have any cool Mod Podge projects they'd like to share?

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week! The weather here is gorgeous today! Makes me excited for garage sale season coming up! Woohoo!



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  1. Where did you find those coasters?! I have been wanting to do the same thing but with other patterns!
    PS the burlap sacks are at The Feathered Nest. $4 each and they have a ton!

  2. I just bought ceramic tiles separately from Lowes, I think they were 35 cents a piece! Super cheap and super fun and easy to make! ooh I need to visit there again! thanks!

  3. Maybe we should make a trip together? ;)
    Lowes! Why didn't I think if Lowes!? Well I'm going there this weekend anyway. There might be a copycat post soon haha.

  4. Yay...I'm using that same paper for coasters. I also used some of it for a tray makeover.
    Super cute coasters :) Great job!

  5. Very cute! Great paper choices! The colors look fantastic together. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Oh, I heart ModPodge too! How were you able to get that paper sooo flat? Mine always bubbles.... I hope that you will link this up with my Show and Share linky party, going on all week.

  7. I love your coasters!
    Connie the crafterbug

  8. thanks ladies! @christine, I'm not completely sure, this was my first try at this. I just made sure to put enough mod podge on the tile before placing the paper, and to be sure and press down and smooth over several times with my hands so it would be smooth!

  9. These coasters are adorable. I'm going to give this a try!

  10. Those coasters are so cool! I have that same scrapbook paper.... I have been wondering what I should do with it, since I don't really scrapbook :)
    I should try this.
    Julia E.