Sunday, February 13, 2011

A New Addition

I have been bugging my mom for quite some time about this farm style sofa table. It has been sitting in my sisters room (she is currently off at college and living in the dorms) tucked away in a hidden nook. Before starting college she used it for a desk. I kept telling my mom that I had the perfect place in my house for it! My sister was home today and I asked her if she ever used it and if I could have it. She told me that she didn't use it enough and my mom agreed and said that I could take it home with me! Of course I was super excited to take it off her hands! Thanks Mom!

I was plannig on refinishing it before displaying it but as soon as I put it in place and added my accessories from this post I was in love! I may eventually refinish it, but for now it really matches my "country charm" theme.

I was very excited to be able to display all of my new vintage glass items! :)

I went to An Affair of the Heart today and look what I came home with! A bird cage! I can now mark this off my wish list. I know it's not old and chippy, but when I saw it I just had to have it!

and of course I had to have the little bird to go inside of it! :)

I have been wanting an old typecase drawer for a while now. After going through my thrift store finidings from the past few trips, I realized that I had this cool thing. It's not exactly a typecase drawer, but has the same details, just not as many. I added one of our wedding pictures and then added the scrabble letters! I might eventually add some more details like scrapbook paper or sheet music etc...but for now it will hang like this. I really like the simpleness of it.

I would say that today was a very productive day! Hope everyone else had an amazing weekend!



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  1. You have a gift. Seriously. LOVE the table and everything else in this post!

  2. Love the old windows. I have them on our building outside. Here is a link if you want check it out.

    ~Angie @ What Makes me Happy

  3. LUV your style, Lindsey! That table looks great there and you styled it just perfect! The birdcage with the bird, the window above the all works just beautifully! Happy NTT!

    xoxo laurie

  4. the table is cool, it is already in the style of a lot of re-dos that I see out there so you are ahead in the game ;-)