Friday, February 4, 2011

Our Current Master Bedroom

I love our master bedroom when it is all clean and tidy! and when the bed is ACTUALLY made; sadly, this does not happen very often. These are some pictures of our bedroom now after a few minor updates!

-My newly refinished night stand!
-New decor on top of the night stand
-Another lovely vintage window circa 1939
-Newest comforter set (we've had it for a few months now, just haven't posted any pictures
-and lastly, the stick broom thing to the left of the bed! purchased that cute thing from Dollar General's left over Christmas decor. It was only $.10 cents!! And it smells like cinnamon! I may or may not have purchased the rest of them that they had in stock! lol....but for 10 cents each, come on, you just can't beat it!

Things I still want to do in our bedroom:
-Find some brighter/lighter window curtains and proper window rods to hang them up. Hopefully something a lot lighter and to tie in the blue of the night stand. Maybe something with a burlap look to it!
-Go thrifting again to find more "old" accessories to add to our vanity dresser that sits on the opposite wall of our bed(dresser not pictured). Of course, any excuse to go thrifting is a good excuse! :)



  1. Hi Lindsey! I found you from over at MMS! I love your book page and all of your other gorgeous projects! I noticed in your location that you're in Yukon, I'm a fellow Oklahoma girl too, in OKC, only about a 20 minute drive!! What thrift stores do you like to go to? :)

  2. Hey Lindsey so nice to meet another OKIE.. And what a coincidence my newly married daughter lives in Yukon well till next week she just bought a home in Edmond!! We frequent the little shops in downtown Yukon love them and one of my daughers friends mom owns Full Moon love love that place. I sell my things at River City Trading Post in Jenks Ok its alot like the Rink but we have a little more furniture. I'm tryin to get into the Rink but they are very picky and I don't think they get me!! Who knows!! I loved looking at your blog and your style its alot like my daughters which I love. Can't wait to see all your new creations since I'm your newest follower.

  3. Hi Lindsey,thanks for visiting.I really like those vintage scales too. This is the first one I've ever found in my area. I'm pleased to be your newest follower.

  4. i would love to find one some day! adding it to my list! :) thanks karen for visiting and following!