Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thrifty Finds!

Hey check out my new workspace with the added chippy window! I love it!

Small project that I did yesterday on another Oklahoma snow day. This was an old cupboard door with a picture on it. I was going to make it into another chalkboard but after I painted and glazed the edges, I think I will keep it this way!

I finally made it out of the house this morning to do a little thrifting! I was super excited to find all of this stuff! Everything pictured below I purchased for a grand total of just under 12 bucks!

I am in love with this one gallon jug <3

these two candle holders were only .99 each!

going to use this to make a pretty flower arrangement!

I finally found my first mason jar! It's a mini one, but it's super cute. Below are my glass and ceramic findings for the day!

This lovely set of three was only .99 for all of them! I'm super excited about this purchase!

I cannot wait to go decorate with all of these treasures!




  1. I am in SERIOUS love with that gallon jug! Oh my goodness, what great finds! :)

  2. thank you! there are two more of those gallon jugs at Heart and Hand thrift store! :)

  3. NO way. I might have to stop by. :)

  4. Great finds! I love your desk and polka dot frame, too!

  5. Check my blog out I awarded you something.

  6. thanks kim! the desk was a thrift store find too that i refinished! a few of my bridesmaids made the frame for me for a shower gift! :)