Thursday, January 20, 2011

Furniture Face Lifts!

These are all of my refinishing projects that I did in the second half of 2010. I hope to do many more in 2011!

Before: This was my first furniture refinishing project. My mom taught me how to do it! Thanks mom! I found this lovely side table at a thrift store for 8 bucks!


Before: My mom purchased this side table at a garage sale for me!

After: Love it!

Before: This is an old entertainment center that opens up and has two shelves inside it. I had really been looking out for a piece like this because our kitchen is too small and we needed the extra storage. Bought this from a friend and now it sits in our dining room!


Before: Old Cabinet Door

After: A cute decorative chalkboard!

Before: sorry I had already started priming it when I realized I needed to take a picture!


Before: My 3.99 Goodwill chair


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  1. You've done some cute stuff! I love finding those chairs for dirt cheap! They make such a cute little accent piece for where ever!!